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DeskSort is a Dubai based organization specialized in providing Enterprise Content Management Solutions and custom web and mobile applications development. Providing many ready made cloud based softwares and a customized software solutions tailored for your business.

• When it comes to implementing a risk-free, faultless operation, we Desksort delivers a state of art cloud solutions to meet your precise needs.

• Desksort algorithms are developed on the most recent advances in software science to go deep and wide into the organization complexity and find answers to the fundamental questions in daily operations, what should be done to ensure business growth?.

• Our dedicated sales team are ready to meet you at your office place to gather your requirements, present our solutions, and find a solution to your business challenges.

Desksort Products

Desksort offers a wide range of products and solutions that maximize business growth by increasing the operational efficiency. Whether installed on a local infrastructure or accessed directly on the cloud we guarantee a smooth user experience with thousands of customizable features that takes the business growth to a new level

Desksort Document Management (DDM)

The Desksort Documents Manager is a centralized electronic archive for your entire organization. You can access your documents from anywhere and on any device.
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Human Resources Management (HRM)

Manage staffing, employee compensation and benefits. Also the related activities including employee files administration, leaves management, and others.
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Analytics & Business Intelligence (BI)

Get extensive in-depth reports about all sales, finance, inventory transactions. The Analytics Engine analyze all the reports and create remarks and insights about them.
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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Managing leads, quotations and proposals on the fly. Analyze customer interactions throughout the sales life cycle, by improving business relationships, and driving sales growth.
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Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP)

Manage your General Ledgers (GL), Journal Entries and Financial Statements with accuracy and efficiency. The finance manager is a full-fledged accounting system automating all accounting activities.
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Projects & Process Management (PPM)

Use the activity monitor for reporting all types of project activities. Have clear beginning and end states by following a specific cycle of Initiation, Definition, Planning, Execution and Close.
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Desksort Health care Management (DHM)

Builds on the established strength of the management core to provide expertise in the unique elements and issues of the health care industry. With patient's schedules, history, treatments, and financing.
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Desksort Restaurants Management (DRM)

Managing a restaurant involves many different parts from hiring to tracking sales and basic accounting. Lots of tools available to help managing a restaurant easier, including POS, tasks delegation, and daily business reviews.
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Desksort is proud to be a Dubai based leader company in customized software solutions that drives the growth. Providing many ready made cloud based softwares and a customized software solutions tailored for your business.

If you're considering having a new software, or just want more information, we're happy to answer all your questions and get you set up. Simply fill out the form, or for immediate assistance